Original Beeswax Wood Polish


Our original all natural beeswax wood polish. Suitable for all wood types.

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This is our Curious Creator Beeswax wood finish. It is made with 100% organic natural beeswax from Devon in the UK. Then carefully blended with oils to create a beautiful and natural finish for your wood projects. To wax has a pleasant beeswax smell, and can have a very slight yellow tinge depending on the wax.

When applied to a wood surface it provides a superb finish, and is perfect on both brand new / unfinished projects, or for revitalising old wooden items. It is made with all natural ingredients so is perfectly food safe and idea for using on children’s wooden toys. The wood polish also provides a layer of protection and is ideal for hardwood flooring.

Sold is 2 sizes 60ml & 150ml.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

60ml, 150ml


Beeswax, Jojoba Oil

Food Safe

Yes ✓


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