Zebrano Knife Scales


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Zebrano or Zebrawood has a light colour, with dark brown or black streaks running along it. It has a beautiful and dramatic appearance that is really unique. It’s named as it’s stripes are reminiscent of a Zebra’s stripes.

Watch out this wood does have a very strong smell when you are working with it. I recommend using a respirator!

15cm x 5cm x 0.8cm

This listing is for a pair of scales, suitable for 1 knife handle. Each piece of wood is hand cut by myself, and quality checked. Due to the nature of wood, each piece is slightly different, and not necessarily what is in the photo.  They are kiln dried and ready to use. Other sizes are available on request, get in touch with what you need.

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Dimensions 15 × 5 × 0.8 cm


Type of Wood

Zebrano / Zebrawood


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