Knife Etching Stencils

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Full A4 Sheet of electro etching knife stencils.


Knife Etching Stencils

These custom cut vinyl knife etching stencils are perfect for knifemakers and bladesmiths to electro-etch your logo or makers mark onto your knives. Finish your handcrafted masterpieces by permanently etching your work. Picasso always signed his work, so should you!

This listing is for 1 x full sheet of A4 Vinyl sticker stencils. We cut as many copies of your logo that can fit onto a single sheet as possible. They are made from high-quality sticky-backed vinyl sheet that you can peel off and stick directly onto your blades.

The process of electro-etching chemically removes material from your blade, and using a stencil protects certain areas, leaving your logo intact. These stencils are a very cost-effective way to get into branding your blades, costs from 12p per blade.

To give you an idea of how many stencils can fit on an A4 sheet of paper;

1.5cm logo = 88 approx
1cm logo = 140 approx

Logos or Makers Marks that work best have a clear bold graphics or a small number of chunky letters. Intricate designs with lots of small text do not work very well. Check out the ‘Customer Photos’ below for some inspiration! I am happy to assist with your basic design work if needed.

Free Shipping in the UK. All orders are custom made. Please note the full A4 sheet will be cut in half for postage and left ‘unweeded’ meaning you pull the main part of your stencil yourself. These can be used as mini stickers so don’t waste them!

How to Use;

  1. Ensure all blade is clean and free of oils or grease
  2. Carefully lay the stencil on the blade, use transfer tape if required
  3. Add additional tape if need to mask off a greater area
  4. Using a power source clip one clip onto the blade itself, and the other to a salt water soaked cotton wool bud
  5. Without actually touching the blade, gently allow the circuit to complete by holding the wool bud in a small puddle of water over the stencil
  6. Hold for 10-15 seconds, and check the depth of the etch. The longer you hold it, the deeper the etch. Keep going until you are happy with it.

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1 review for Knife Etching Stencils

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nathan Kean

    Great seller. Fast shipping. Great product. Made to my house in the states in about a week. Very good quality stencils.

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